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App details

  • This service allows you to print out photos and documents
    from your smartphone via Wi-Fi, using a multi-function
    printer at a convenience store*.
    You can enter a store, and print out photos or a PDF from
    your smartphone, on the spot.

  • You can print image files on
    photographic paper, etc.

    Printable file formats JPEG, PNG
    Paper sizes L-size/2L-size*/A4(Photo Paper)
    A3/B4/A4/B5 (Plain)

    * Not available in some stores.

    * For details on photo printing, go to Photo Printing

    * To print Word®, Excel® or other documents, go
    to Network Print.

  • You can easily print PDF files.

    Printable file formats PDF
    Paper sizes A4 (Photo Paper)
    A3/B4/A4/B5 (Plain)

    * For details on PDF printing, go to PDF Printing (Document).

Instructions for use

1. From the multi-function printer operation screen

To print a photo, select:
"Print Service" -> "Photo Print" ->"Smartphone"
To print a PDF, select:
"Print Service" -> "PDF Print" -> "Smartphone"

2. Select PrintSmash from your smartphone

Select PrintSmash, start up the application, and
check for the photo or PDF you want to print.

3. Check the Wi-Fi connection settings of your smartphone

The connection details are displayed on the operation panel of the multi-functional printer, so check the Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone, and set if it is not connected*.
* Connection is automatic with Android.

4. Send photo or PDF data

Send the photo or PDF from the PrintSmash application.

5. After transmission of data is finished, print by following the instructions on screen

Select the printing method, paper and other settings by following the operation screen, and then print.

Stores offering this service

This service is available at the following convenience stores. Come stop by a store near you.
(Names listed in order of Japanese syllabary . Not available in some stores.)

FamilyMart, LAWSON

Our convenient multi-function printer services

In addition to the above services, our convenience store multi-function printers offer a variety of other handy services.
(Additional charges for printing are required.)

  • You can print material
    directly using a USB flash drive.

  • You can print images or documents by uploading them from your PC or smartphone. To use this service you must register an account (no fee required).

  • Using the special app, you can print out documents and images without the need to register.

  • You can use this service to print out various types of content such as sheet music or newspapers for a specific date, as well as for making business cards.

  • You can also print out a variety of official documents issued by local governments.

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