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Overview of functions

  • You can send a fax to your workplace or customer from the multi-function printer at the store.

    − Use example −

    − Overview of functions −

    Sizes you can send by fax B5, A4, B4, A3
    Per-fax page limit 10 pages
    Print transmission report Yes / No*
    *Even if several pages are sent, report is printed on one page.

    ●May differ depending on the store.

    − Precautions −

    • ●Color faxes are not available.
    • ●Faxes cannot be sent to numbers starting with the following prefixes: 00, 020, 030, 040, 050, 060, 0570, 0840, 0990, 0170, 0180.
    • ●In some cases, faxes cannot be sent to toll-free numbers with restrictions placed on the location of the caller.
    • Refer to this list for country calling codes.
  • You can use faxes when you are away from the office or if you don’t have a fax machine at home. This service lets you store and receive faxes using the Kuroneko FAX Center.

    − How it works −

    Number for sending fax to
    Kuroneko FAX Center

    ●After sending the fax, you will be sent a "Document number notification report" by fax from the Kuroneko FAX Center. Notify the fax recipient of the document number on the report.

    − Precautions −

    • ●If you forget or don't know the document number, it cannot be reissued. (The store cannot check the document number for you.)
    • ●Faxes (data) stored at the Kuroneko FAX Center are deleted at midnight two days after being sent. Make sure to retrieve them quickly.
    • ●Once a fax has been received (i.e. printed), the fax data is deleted and cannot be printed again.
    • ●The Kuroneko@FAX service is not supported.
    • ●Fax data may be divided if the received data is larger than the specified size, and this may result in blank pages. In such cases, you will still be charged the set amount per page.

Instructions for use

First change the language from Japanese to English by touching the "Language" icon.

After selecting “Fax” on the control panel of the multi-function printer, select "FAX Send."

To send a fax, choose "FAX Send" or "Kuroneko Service" and follow the instructions on the screen.

●Screen may differ depending on the store.

This service is available at the following convenience stores. Come stop by a store near you.
(Names listed in order of Japanese syllabary. Not available in some stores.)

FamilyMart, LAWSON

Our convenient multi-function printer services

In addition to the above services, our convenience store multi-function printers offer a variety of other handy services.
(Additional charges for printing are required.)

  • You can print material
    directly using a USB flash drive.

  • You can print images or documents by uploading them from your PC or smartphone. To use this service you must register an account (no fee required).

  • Using the special app, you can print out documents and images without the need to register.

  • You can use this service to print out various types of content such as sheet music or newspapers for a specific date, as well as for making business cards.

  • You can also print out a variety of official documents issued by local governments.

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